The Physical Mechanical Design Glossary

  Can you communicate mechanically? If you plan to hire a 3D model designer, use these physical mechanical design terminologies to express yourself more effectively in the English design language.   Structure: Annulus (ring) cylinder jaw shoe Apron dasher (plunger, churn) jib (crane arm) shoulder Arbor (shaft) detent lagging (support) skeleton arm device leg sleeve… Read more »

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It’s inspired by how you collaborate, adding functionality that lets you focus on the people and content in the meeting that matter the most. Use these three resources to light speed communication with our team today: Screen Share:

Drawing Standards

45 Engineering Drawing Best Practices Modeling: Use official company templates for all files. At the beginning of modeling a part, take a little time to strategize an appropriate build sequence before diving in. Keep design intent and manufacturability/inspectability in mind when choosing the origin and orientation about which to model the part. An extrusion, for… Read more »

Patent drawings require DXF CAD first

Convert working drawings into DXF patent drawings required by our suggested Paralegal Intellectual Property Law firms in Colorado:   Cochran Freund & Young LLC 3555 Stanford Road, Suite 230Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 (970) 492-1100   LATHROP & GAGE LLP 4845 Pearl East Circle,Suite 201 Boulder, Colorado 80301, USA: (720)-931-3015

CREO Best, Standard, and Procedural Practices

INTRODUCTION: This document contains both Standard Practices and Recommended Practices for Creo. It is necessary to follow “standard practices” so users can understand and work with each other’s models. “Recommended practices” also help with efficiency and understanding each other’s models, but are not strictly enforced. You should read this entire document. Below is a list… Read more »

Formlabs2 3D Print Service Request Source

The Formlabs is the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created.  Our In-house SLA 3D printer creates professional-grade detail wax models. We recommend 3D Printing with Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing technology that converts liquid materials into solid parts, layer by layer.  SLA is widely used to create models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts… Read more »


Use this TEMPLATE for a SERVICE AGREEMENT entered into by and between illustrative designs (iD) and __________ (Client).  iD and Client agree as follows: SCOPE OF iD DUTIES. Client engages iD to perform certain design and engineering services related to ________________________________________________________. The proposal of <date> is an integral part of this Agreement. iD is being… Read more »


Use this TEMPLATE when negotiating a standard revenue sharing agreement:   REVENUE SHARING AGREEMENT    —DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION— THIS AGREEMENT is by and between ILLUSTRATIVE DESIGNS, a Colorado Sole Proprietor (hereinafter referred to as “ID”), whose business address is [address], (hereinafter referred to as “ID”) and “_________________________________”, an individual whose address is __________________________________ (hereinafter referred to… Read more »

We See 3D

3D scanning enables you to quickly capture accurate data for use in any manufacturing process that dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency. Realize the immediate benefits 3D scanning has to offer today for reverse engineering hard surface CAD modeling.


Top 100 Entrepreneur’s first use this form below to start communicating with our process based approach toward hiring us as your product designer who can accomplish your goals today. MUTUAL NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered into by and between [person/company] having its principal place of business at [address], and illustrative designs known here now… Read more »

Hiring a Drafter Problem Mix

Hiring a CAD product design drafter utilizing a “Problem Mix” approach is most effective.  This problem mix is simply learning important aspects of a design.  Determine which things are most important and let those things govern your decisions about a problem first. Every design problem has some areas which are more important than others.  Once… Read more »

Optimize with Predictive 3D Modeling

Design is finding the best over-all solution. It is considering all the different “needs” of the problem and solving those needs according to importance. Design, like life, is often full of compromises. Good design is the best compromise. It is the optimum solution within a specific set of parameters or boundaries to a given problem…. Read more »

SAFE Product CAD Modeling

This top 10 Best Drafting Service Provider website is not formal, it is not refined, and it is not pretty; but hopefully it communicates and teaches in a visually pleasing and enjoyable way. If it reaches you the reader, is visually pleasing, and is fun to learn from then we can contend that it is… Read more »

Why Your Product Needs 3D Product Design

3D product design is all about saving money on a project. Your company is creating a product, and at some point in the process, you will need a 3D representation of that product so you can see the design up close and personal and determine if the design will appeal to consumers. Getting a 3D… Read more »

The Advantage of Comprehensive Product Design Consultation

Sometimes businesses need outside help when developing products. They do not only need a new set of eyes on a project, or even expert analysis of what they already have, they need a full consultation that will bring their new idea for a product to fruition. Although receiving expert analysis is helpful when designing a… Read more »

Rapid Prototyping is Key to Success

Developing new products is a very creative process that requires constant modification and trial and error. There are times when only a prototype will reveal how successful a business’s product will actually be. Prototypes show in three dimensions what the product will look like and whether it will be marketable when it is produced. You… Read more »