CAD Agreements

Thanks for Choosing Illustrative Designs, LLC!

There are many agencies and firms you could have chosen, we are happy you selected us and we will make your choice to be with us an experience worth sharing.

Here is a list of the agreements that you may need to sign while engaged in business with us, aside from the Client Agreement and Terms & Policies of course.

The list is followed by an explanation of the R&D (Research & Development) Process which often times needs to be performed during the course of bringing your idea to full functional fruition. In those instances, additional costs may incur.

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  2. ID NDA
  3. ID Terms & Policies
  4. ID Licensing Agreement
  5. ID  Client Agreement
  6. ID Revenue Share Agreement
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The R&D process entails:

  1. Identifying a problem
  2. Reviewing the information
  3. Setting research questions, objectives and hypotheses
  4. Choosing the study design
  5. Deciding on the sample design
  6. Collecting the data
  7. Processing and analyzing the data
  8. Writing the report

In this context it is more of a practical application and involves testing and manipulating the materials that are being used in creating the prototype.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.