3D CAD Design Process in CO


Evaluate Marketability and Functionality.

The concept for the product is selected, and initial visualizations are created. Factors crucial to the marketability of the product are considered, such as ergonomics and human interface. We use our powerful modeling technology to turn engineering layouts into 3D printed models using various machines. Manufacturing and materials are also evaluated for the marketability and functionality of the product. The content and architecture of the product are also clearly and concretely defined.

Design Initiated

Make Ideas Come to Life.

This is when the design services come into play. The product’s design is initiated, creating a product that will sell for our clients. The color, shape, texture, and overall physical properties of the product are determined, complete with appearance models and conceptual prototypes. The 3D CAD surfacing, tooling, and vendor sourcing is developed at this phase. Also, user testing begins to test for reactions amongst potential consumers.


Put it All into Motion.

Final artwork and production specifications are outlined at this stage. The product enters its final design stages. The cost of manufacturing the product is calculated with tooling quotes and cost of materials. Here is also where the vendor bids are processed, and videography, audio composition, and recording are completed. User testing is continued at this stage, with feedback coming in to constantly improve the product.

Testing and Quality Control.

Testing is completed at this stage, with changes being made to the design of the product as needed. Clients are very much a part of this process, and in the preparation phase, their input is most important. Clients know what their customers want and can see from the testing results if the product will be successful. The preproduction builds are coordinated at this stage, and assembly documentation and quality assurance standards conceived. The product’s first articles are created as well, and the production is approved.


Take Your Product to Market.

The product is in its final stage at this point. We at Illustrative Design take product design consulting in Colorado to new heights at this stage. We help the client prepare the product for the market by ramping up manufacturing, resolve any last minute production issues (there are usually a few, even for the most prepared clients), and prepare to go to market.