Illustrative Design Services in CO

Illustrative Designs provides Six comprehensive services to clients:

  1. New Product Design. For consumer products, we help clients create a product that will sell based on the emotional cues elicited from its shape, form, and color. We also help design electro-mechanical products from any stage in production— from a rough sketch to a fully functional product in need of an upgrade. Primarily using CAD modeling tools.
  2. 3D Illustration. We can show all of the details of products through the use of six different 2D views, all showing the exploded workings and parts of the product for working drawings.
  3. Animation. We prepare CG of your product based on sketches, 3D Scans, photos, or even verbal descriptions.
  4. 3D Printing. We use several different printers to accomplish various goals in the creation of 3D concept models. We can create everything from basic prototype models to highly precise and specialized models.
  5. Scan.  We can scan your physical articles and model in CAD.
  6. Manufacture. We take the travel over to Asia for you with reputable long established relationships.

Steel Buildings Design

Steel Buildings Design Service

Hard Case Design

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Automation and Robotic Design

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Reverse Engineering Services

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